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Product catalogues

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  • Type Examination CertificateDownload
    Date: 11/20181.74 MB
  • Certificate TÜV DIN EN ISO 9001:2015Download
    Date: 07/20170.39 MB
Downloads in other languages»
  • Type Examination CertificateDownload
    Date: 11/20181.82 MB
  • Certificate TÜV DIN EN ISO 9001:2015Download
    Date: 07/20170.39 MB

Technical drawings

Drawing no. D055M0017 (Type DST 27/1; Power 1Nm) Download
140.6 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0018 (Type DST 27/2; Power 2Nm) Download
136.1 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0013 (Type DST 45/4; Power 4Nm) Download
223.2 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0062 (Type DST 45/6; Power 6Nm) Download
227.1 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0015 (Type DST 45/8; Power 8Nm) Download
216.6 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0075 (Type DST 60/7; Power 7Nm) Download
199.1 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0136 (Type DST 60/10; Power 10Nm) Download
448.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0076 (Type DST 60/14; Power 14Nm) Download
199.8 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0077 (Type DST 60/22; Power 22Nm) Download
196.0 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0022 (Type DST 75/10; Power 10Nm) Download
381.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0028 (Type DST 75/20; Power 20Nm) Download
247.8 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0036 (Type DST 75/30; Power 30Nm) Download
238.2 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0044 (Type DST 75/40; Power 40Nm) Download
251.4 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0061 (Type DST 75/60; Power 60Nm) Download
204.9 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0024 (Type DST 110/22; Power 22Nm) Download
321.6 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0031 (Type DST 110/50; Power 50Nm) Download
330.2 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0039 (Type DST 110/80; Power 80Nm) Download
353.9 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0083 (Type DST 110/100; Power 100Nm) Download
214.2 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0026 (Type DST 135/85; Power 85Nm) Download
208.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0063 (Type DST 135/100; Power 100Nm) Download
226.4 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0033 (Type DST 135/135; Power 135Nm) Download
317.0 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0041 (Type DST 135/180; Power 180Nm) Download
345.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0010 (Type DST 135/220; Power 220Nm) Download
227.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0027 (Type DST 165/140; Power 140Nm) Download
281.3 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0034 (Type DST 165/200; Power 200Nm) Download
228.8 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0042 (Type DST 165/275; Power 275Nm) Download
242.4 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0047 (Type DST 165/365; Power 365Nm) Download
306.8 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0112 (Type DST 200/550; Power 550Nm) Download
370.0 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0113 (Type DST 200/700; Power 700Nm) Download
247.2 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0114 (Type DST 200/850; Power 850Nm) Download
382.5 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0115 (Type DST 200/1000; Power 1000Nm) Download
352.0 KiB
Drawing no. D055M0203 (Type DST 200/1200; Power 1200Nm) Download
482.8 KiB